Is there a way to define a list of custom properties for all tiles in a tileset, instead of one by one?

I’d like to be able to define properties that will automatically appear for every tile so I can set bools and enums alongside custom properties per tile, based on the definition for the tileset. Let’s say I add a tileset tile property of “passable” with a default of “true” or “1”. When I go to edit individual tile properties, “passable” would already be listed, and set to “true”.

To conserve file space, you could have a preferences setting to not record the extra custom per-tile property unless it was changed from the default, but by default it would be “verbose” and export all property values per-tile.

Ideally, we would have an option for a tabular tileset view, with columns for each property, like a spreadsheet with the tile’s image in the first row.

This is currently not possible, but it is a planned feature. See the following GitHub issue:

The default will be space-conserving. I could consider to add an option for “verbose” export, it has been requested before.

Note that right now, you can get the verbose behavior by selecting all tiles in the tileset and then adding your property. This would need to be done for each tileset, but that’s a lot quicker than doing it per tile.

That’s an interesting idea! Could be implemented once the above GitHub issue is done.

I second this suggestion, The biggest dilemma from migrating to my old map editor is that I have to hard code common default properties of tiles and objects in the class rather than in the editor (unless i want to go through and change every instance). things like solid:true, moves:false, kills:true.

I’m sure this is pushing it, but for objects, I would love something similar to to Unity’s prefabs