Showing original settings of maps and layers

When I open a map, how can I see what the original settings were? Same question for tiles.

Go to Map -> Map Properties to show the Properties view for the map. There you can see and change its settings.

For tilesets, there is a small button below the tileset view for opening its properties.

This is all I see. I dont see the original map settings. Same goes for Tilesets. You dont see the original settings.

Hmm, that’s because you’re using an ancient version of Tiled. Please try using the latest release (Tiled 0.15).

Hi yes, was using older version. duhhh. Now the properties are showing. Would it be possible in next version to also show the rest of the properties such as margin, spacing, transparent color and original filename Hope I am not asking too much :smile:

You’re not asking too much, but you’re asking for things that are already there. :slight_smile: The properties you mention are tileset properties and not map properties. You can access the properties of a tileset using the small icon with a wrench under the tileset view.

My bad. I was right clicking on the individual tiles instead of the wrench icon. Thanks again.