How to fix all the tiles linkage at once?

So I made a tileset, then made a map using this tileset, then rearranged tiles in this tileset in Photoshop, which, of course, messed up everything on the map. Now the obvious thing is to redraw the whole map from the scratch, but it’s time consuming. Is there a way to update links to tiles on map? Like if you click the tile on map and then point where on the tileset this tile is located, so every similar tiles on map updates to this tile.

You can use Select Same Tile to select all of the same tile, and then you can use the Bucket Fill tool while holding Shift to fill that selection with a different tile.

Alternatively, you can select two tiles in your tileset, then right-click and choose Swap Tiles. This action swaps all usages of those two tiles on the map.

Those two actions are probably the best option you have at the moment. I’d like to better support this situation in the future, for example by allowing the user to provide both the old and the new arrangement, so that Tiled could compare the tiles to see how they were rearranged. But something like that isn’t implemented currently.

First method works perfect for me. Thank you a lot!