How to load all images inside a folder into a tileset

Hello, is it possible to select a folder and load, for example, *.png from it without selecting each one by hand? Is it possible to do this recursively? What I find strange is that unlike in many other file dialogs I can not select lots of images at the same time by selecting one, holding strg and scrolling through the files. Is this functionality not added yet or is it just me? :slight_smile:

Hey @Genosse_Mendes, welcome to the Tiled forum!

You can’t select multiple files if you’re selecting a tileset image, but if you want to add many image files as individual tiles to a tileset, then you can select multiple. For this, first create the tileset while selecting “Collection of Images” as the type. Then, press the “+” button on the tool bar and select all your images.

After creating the tileset, another option is to drag all the images into it from a file explorer (this only works when in the tileset editor, not for the Tilesets view while editing a map).

Hello, thank you for your answer. My question is about whether or not it is possible to select multiple images without clicking on each one by hand. I know how to create a tileset and so on but I have a collection of 1k of images that I need to make a tileset from. Clicking on each one to select it is a pain in the ass. The problem is that I can’t select all images in a file by scrolling as in most other applications.