Drag and Drop Tilesets

Alot of the tutorial on youtube for tiled shows a feature where they would drag the image files for tiles onto the “Tiled” program and it pop up the converter for each and every files that was dragged onto the tiled and the user would just have to click “ok” to convert all the image files to tilesets.

now, When I try it, I get the error “Not a tileset file”

I know I can make the tileset one by one by going “file > new > new tileset”… However, is there a way to create tilesets from all the image files in a folder at once?

I take it you’re using a snapshot build rather than the 0.18.2 release? Because I believe dragging multiple images onto the Tilesets view should still work in 0.18.2 (it should pop up the New Tileset dialog for each image), but it currently no longer works in the snapshot builds.

I will look into keeping the possibility of dragging images on the Tilesets view.

This functionality has now been restored:

It was rather more work than I had expected since I struggled a bit with the code design, but I think it was worth it.