How to remove animation settings

I’m OSX version user.
In Tile Animatin Editor, I can’t found a button to remove data and a delete key does not do anything.
What should I do?

Try the ‘Backspace’ key.

WTH! I did it!
I learned for the first time fn + delete = backspace.
I really appreciate it!

Hmm, the shortcut is on the Delete key for me, but I do not have an Apple keyboard connected to the Mac Mini that @TilemapKit once sent me. I guess I should hook it up to Backspace as well.

Could it rather be, that Fn + Backspace = Delete?

Ah, this site cleared it up for me:

So Apple keyboards only have a “Delete” key, but it behaves like the “Backspace” key on other keyboards. So when you press “Delete”, Tiled sees a “Backspace”, and that’s not what the action to delete animation frames is bound to. So to make the “Delete” key on the Apple keyboard work in Tiled, I indeed need to bind this action also to “Backspace”.

[insert something nasty about Apple here]

FIY Macbook Pro doesn’t have a Delete key, only Backspace (Fn+Backspace does delete). :wink:

Alright, I’ve pushed a small change that enables Backspace for deletion of animation frames as well, and I did the same for the collision editor, to be included with Tiled 0.12.3:

There’s still some problem preventing the Delete shortcut from working in the main window, but right now I have no idea about what is causing that problem so I’ll leave that for later.