Erase a tileset... how?

How do I delete a tileset?

Hi, I have an empty tileset and I don’t know how to delete it.


If you close the tileset file in Tiled and remove the tileset from any open maps using it, it should get removed from the tilesets list. After that, provided it’s not being used in any other maps, you can safely delete the tileset file.

I didn’t quite understand what you meant, I solved it by editing the TMX file directly, thanks anyway!

To remove a tileset from the currently active, click the “Remove Tileset” (garbage bin) icon. If it’s greyed out, it means that tileset is not part of the current map, so you can check other maps. Once a tileset isn’t part of any open map and isn’t open in the editor, it disappears from the tilesets list.