How to remove Tilesets from "Tilesets" window?

Hi - I can’t decide if this is a bug or I have something toggled incorrectly, but tilesets are not removing themselves from my tileset window when I close them the way they used to.

This means that when I switch between games, I am still stuck scrolling through tilesets from the other games - is there a way to tidy this up a bit that I can do?

Thanks y’all!

The Tilesets dock shows:

  • All loaded externals tilesets, including directly opened tilesets and tilesets used by any of the open maps.
  • The embedded tilesets of the currently active map.

So to remove a tileset from the dock, you currently have to make sure to either close all open maps referencing this tileset or to remove the tileset from those maps, as well as to make sure they’re not opened separately.

I’m considering to change this dock back to only show the tilesets from the current map (like it was before Tiled 1.0), since the above behavior often turned out to be confusing rather than helpful.

I find the current way rather nice for adding other maps’ tilesets to my maps (I work with a relatively consistent and small bunch of tilesets) and for noticing when something’s gone wrong with my TMX-text-editing shenanigans. Rather than completely changing the behaviour, could there be a toggle in the tilesets dock to display all tilesets versus only the current map’s tilesets? Perhaps in the tab selector dropdown.