How to set manualy the size of a tile

FIrst sorry I’m french and not a good writer in english.
I’m actually using tileD but i want set the number of cases of my tileset, because tileD cant recognize his size.

Tiled does not have an auto-detect-size feature AFAIK. The tile size must be set at the time of the tileset creation, it cannot be changed afterwards. Just create a new tileset with the same image and set the size as you need it this time.

Keep in mind though that your tileset appears to have tiles of multiple sizes. Tiled does not support this, all Tiles in a tileset must be the same size! You may be better off splitting this up into multiple images and using them as a Collection of Images, or interpreting this one image as multiple tilesets, each with different tileset sizes (you can mix differently-sized tilesets within a single map, although the tiles may not always be positioned exactly as you expect).

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Okay thank you very much ! I have a lot of ressources i will probably need change what i use for build because split one by one is a litlle bit longer ( 300 pictures like this to split ).

Another option is to use the larger “tiles” as stamps made up of multiple tiles, if this tileset is set up such that everything is on the same grid.

Was this image actually intended as a tileset? It seems to be more of a spritesheet, meant for arbitrarily placeable objects rather than to be used as tiles.

I would recommend to split up this image into all its individual parts for editing your map. If there are 300 pictures like this, it just means you’ll want to automate the splitting. Maybe you can find some tool for it.

The reason I think you should take these images apart is not just because then you’d be able to use the images in Tiled as part of an Image Collection tileset. It’s also because for your game you can automatically pack them together into larger textures, much more efficiently than currently done. Tiled does not need to be aware of this optimization. In your game you’d still use the image file names to find the right texture and region to render for each image.

I’ve considered supporting such files in Tiled directly, and maybe one day I will. But one problem with supporting these images is that when you make a change to them we need to keep the tile IDs valid as much as possible, to avoid breaking maps that have already been created. This means that cutting such images up in tiles is not a process that can be fully automated in the background.

Just wondering, but did this image ship with a file pointing at each sub-image with a name and rectangle? If so maybe Tiled could be made to support that, or it may help automate the process of extracting the images, with a script like this.