How to set the object properties for current tile

Now I develope my first game and I have got some trouble. I want to make physic in my game and to do it I need to create map, I done it.
For example I want to create solid bricks in my game. I know how to work with c++ code. It doesnt matter. So, my point to lock the current object setting for current tile (sprite)
What I mean. For example i place this sprite to my scene and I want to mark it like solid.

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But it is not conveniently. How can I mark each sprite as “solid” (for ex) by default?!

If each of those tiles should always be solid, then you can set a custom property on them that you can interpret as needed in your game.

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thank you so much for your answer. also i have one.


when i chose tile i see that properties locked. what am I doing wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong, but while you have the map selected you can’t currently edit the tileset, mainly because that it would affect a different file with a different undo stack. To edit the tile properties, first open the tileset in its own tab (you can open the tileset file manually, or use the small button beneath the tileset view to do this).

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thank you, all problems were solved. :heart:

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