Transparent tiles overriding other tiles

Hi guys!

I’m pretty new to Tiled and I’ve been wondering about something that’s been bugging me. I don’t know if there’s a fix or a way around it but here goes.

My issue is that when I try to overlap tiles, the topmost tile overrides / eats the other. For example, if I place a tree that’s three tiles wide down, then place a second tree to overlap one of the tiles from the original tree, it “eats away” at the first tree. Instead of just stamping over it.

I know I can get around this by creating a second layer on top, but I end up with a lot of layers in the end.

Mostly this is just the way Tiled works. You decide how many layers your map has, and by placing tiles in the right layer you can put tiles on top of each other. It could also have worked like you described, but I think that would have caused other problems (like what if you wanted to change a tile, or even change a tile that isn’t the top-most one?).

To avoid the need for too many layers, you can often use tiles that are higher than the grid size of your map. For example if your tree tiles would be higher they would just stick out at the top, naturally overlapping tiles above (including possible other trees). Since tiles from a tileset image need to be all the same size, you would need to put the higher tiles together in another tileset for this.