Tileset not appearing on specific maps

Hi. I’ve been using SuperTiled 2 Unity to make maps for a game. I have two tilesets (a prototype one and a grassy_rocks one setup to do automapping). I made three maps so far and the’ve imported to unity so far with no issues. However when I made my fourth (grassy_4) it no longer displays the grassy rocks tiles like the other did. Made a fifth map to test and the same issue occurred.

In Unity, clicking on the grassy_4 map shows its missing a dependency for the grassy_rocks tileset and clicking the tileset on unity shows its missing references for all my maps after the first three.

On the tiled side, after applying automapping to my fourth and fifth map they the auto map appears with the correct tileset on a terrain layer. However exiting and reopening tiled causes these layers to disappear on these maps but not the first three maps.

I feel like I can see where the issue is but can’t figure out how to go about fixing up the missing references/dependencies. Anyone have any ideas? thx

Never mind just figured out a solution and it turned out to be very easy. if anyone has a similar issue here is what I did.

Open them map having the issue and navigate to the menu bar. Select Map > Add External Tileset, then select and re-add the missing tile set. Upon saving you should see it working again in Tiled and Unity

The only issue is you’d have to do this every time you make a new map. Beforehand I wouldn’t have this problem when making a new map so if there is a more permanent solution please share.

It sounds like you’re running into a bug in Tiled where Automapping doesn’t add tilesets to the map. For some reason I thought this had been fixed (perhaps because it was fixed for scripts), but apparently not. Tilesets are added automatically by other painting actions that add tiles to the map, but not by Automapping xP

@bjorn The bug that Automapping doesn’t add tilesets to the map is still there as of build 2024.05.24: