Import maps from GameMaker Studio 1.4?

I was working on something in GameMaker Studio v1.4.999, when I got fed up with the room editor making minor adjustments nightmarish to even think about. In my frustration, I spontaneously decided to download Tiled, hoping I could import my map from there.

It turns out, Tiled can export things to GameMaker Studio, which has been discussed at length. However, I could barely find any mention of importing a room from any version GameMaker Studio, much less any solutions for doing so.

Would it be possible to import a from GameMaker Studio v1.4.999 into Tiled via plugins/scripts? If so, how would I go about finding plugins in this vein?

I was running a Google search for this on my phone before making this post, and apparently I forgot to close the tab. I looked down a few hours later, and noticed that a solution was right there in front of me! TiledGMS14ME is a fork that allows you to edit files directly, no need to even import or export anything. If only I had looked just one result further earlier. :stuck_out_tongue: