Importado SVG a tiled

Hi I have a question, does anyone know if tiled is compatible with SVG maps? if not, could they add it in the next version? when importing my SVG maps from tiled to unity it gives me an exception error.

Hey @Revolumax, welcome to the Tiled forum!

When reporting errors, please always include the exact error. A screenshot is usually the easiest way to show exactly what the feedback is you’re getting.

Other than that, I’m not sure entirely what you mean. Tiled should be able to work with SVG images (they’re not maps). SVGs will get rasterized on load based on their default dimensions and from there on work like any regular tileset or tile image.

Since you’re talking about importing maps to Unity, are you using SuperTiled2Unity to do this? It might be, that it or Unity does not support loading SVGs as textures.

Well, I’m using tiled2unity and when I try to import my SVG maps to unity, it adds an error. Ok you told me that unity probably doesn’t support this format and it’s true. but I already added some packages for unity to read them, however the tiledtounity keeps adding an error but when I try to import PNG maps these are imported to unity without problems.

I will send you a picture of the error message