Inkscape isometric grid doesn`t line up with Tiled grid, please help

Hi Guys,

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I set grid view in Inkscape to isometric with angle 30 and tried to create a single tile. When uploaded to Tiled, the angle isn`t right, can someone please advise me of how to set up grid in Inkscape so it will match the angle of Tiled Map Editor?

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Tiled can deal with any tile height on isometric maps, it does not need to conform to a certain angle (as long as its aligns to pixels). Just tweak the Tile Height in the Map Properties (which is what the grid is based on) until your tiles align properly.

Many thanks bjorn. I heard that for games best results you get when width to high is in proportions of 1:2. Is this ratio default in Tiled? Is so I would rather match the angle of my graphics to the best grid than to mess with the angle of the grid in tiled map editor.

For those of you who are wants to adjust settings in inkscape to match tiled map editor angle is to use angle of 26.565º degrees, for more info please see link below:

The 1:2 ratio is common for pixel art, since it makes for good looking straight lines. When you’re doing your graphics in Inkscape though, the lines would be anti-aliased and their direction no longer matters much. There is no real default in Tiled (the default is actually 32x32, which confuses people sometimes…), but it asks you the grid size when you start a new map.