Insert Polygon color

Hi i’m an 3D artist, new to TILED and i’ve been messing with it for 2 days now.

Is there a way to make polygons opaque color and use them as the floor instead of tiles?
I would like to draw all levels using the vector tools and add a layer on top just for details like grass, stones etc…but where can i adjust the look of these objects? They appear kind of transparent with a black outline. The opacity does not turn the object full black, I don’t get it…

I need to achieve more of an organic look, like LIMBO…i don’t really want to use tiles as the main level design.
Also i think bezier curves like in ilustrator are very much needed and would make level design a breeze for some kind of games like locoroco, patapon etc…

These objects are meant for annotation purposes, not visual. That’s why they are filled partly transparent and have a drop shadow to make them in general easy to notice but not blocking the view.

Of course, they could be extended to perform a more visual task. However, wouldn’t it be easier for you to use another tool like Illustrator or Inkscape instead?

OK thanks, i understand now.

The main reason I would like to have the ability to draw the level inside TILED is to avoid jumping from illustrator to tiled and vice versa because i need to see if the level design fits gameplay . It’s an “organic look” runner game so i need to test every time…there are no fixed sizes to predict a sprite position. It’s a try and error approach that i would like to avoid all the extra work from export, import, try, change, save, export…

I hope it makes sense.

Any ideas?

I was thinking, if you don’t use any of the tile-related functionality in Tiled and basically just the shapes, then you wouldn’t really need to use the TMX map format but rather could use SVG. Especially since you were asking for Bezier curves, using SVG instead would make a lot of sense.

That said, support for Bezier objects is in the process of being added here:

Also, you’re not the first who has requested an option to have the objects drawn opaque:

Still, since I have currently very little time for improving Tiled, you shouldn’t count on these things to happen fast and may be better off going with SVG instead. If you want to help me have more time for Tiled, please consider contributing towards that goal on Patreon. Thanks!

Ok so I’ve been testing the “object layer” approach and that gives me the freedom to place textures(tiles) wherever i want.
I can use position, rotate, but scale is not working. At least it’s not updating on screen.
Can i re-size tiles in the object layer?

Ok, i already found the answer here in the forum…
Resize is not supported for textures (tiles) only supported for those shapes i mention that I’d like to use as graphics…it hurts my feelings :frowning: