Is there a preview for looping worlds?

I’m trying to make maps that infinitely loop vertically and/or horizontally in the game. Is there a feature or 3rd party script that does something like the gif below, so it’s easier for me to make seamless connections?


No, there is not. Perhaps if you add the same map to a World multiple times? I don’t think the World Tool will let you, but maybe if you do it manually via editing the world file?

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For maps there is a slightly clumsy way to do this, which is by creating another map and adding an Image Layer, then setting the map you’d like to preview looped as the image of that image layer (you can choose to select a map file in the file dialog when picking the image) and setting the image layer to repeat both horizontally and vertically.

The main downside is that to see your looped preview you need to switch maps, but that may still be easier than previewing the repeating map in the game.

In the future it would definitely be nice to support repetition also for other layers or even at the map level, though especially for object layers it will be rather tricky.


Manually editing the world file to add the same map multiple times worked like a charm, thank you. :slight_smile: With this solution everything is updated in real time, including animated tiles and objects.