Is TilemapKit gone?

It seems TilemapKit is gone. Also haven’t seen anything from Steffen since about November 2015.

Looking for a Swift iOS SpriteKit tile parser that has the capability to only load tiles being seen on screen. Multiple layers and Tiled import required. Hex would be a huge plus.

I can go at it my own I suppose but my experience would limit me to standard square tile rendering without many features.

Any help is appreciated.


Not sure if it’s gone but I just recently started making one. You can check it out on GitHub. Unfortunately it doesn’t support hex yet, but it’s something I’m hoping to get round to. Bit busy with work at the mo but I try to add/fix something every day.

Major feature needed is the only loading tiles within view. Is this a feature or planned feature?

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it and will give it a look.


Yes it does this. After you’ve loaded the tilemap just set the property. By default the size of the view is used to determine where the tiles are clipped, but you can set custom bounds if needed. For example:

if let tilemap = SKTilemap.loadTMX(name: "myTilemap") {
    tilemap.enableTileClipping = true
    tilemap.displayBounds = CGRect(x: 64, y: 64, width: view.bounds.width - 128, height: view.bounds.height - 128)

The GitHub project comes with a camera class I made, but “officially” it’s not part of the project. But you can see how I use it to update the tilemap when the camera is moved.
Take a look at the project i’ve tried to document it well. Theres a wiki on the github to if you want to have a look over the API. It should include everything you expect to see.

Great stuff. Thank you.