SKTilemap, a TMX Parser for Sprite Kit in Swift

Hi, I haven’t posted here before but it struck me that I probably should. I’ve been using Tiled for years now in various game dev. projects and have always been a fan.

Recently I decided to write a full TMX parser in Swift because I couldn’t find one. I know there is JSTilemap and TilemapKit but I wanted it in Swift and to do it for more of a learning experience.
I call it SKTilemap to fit nicely with Apples Sprite Kit framework and I aim to support everything Tiled can do. At the moment it’s very much work in progress but there is basic support for most things.
The project is completely open source and free on GitHub, so feel free to contribute, criticise and use it as you wish :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to do a good job explaining the API through the GitHub readme and wiki. I would be happy for any feedback. Thanks,


ps. Also made a YouTube video covering the basics. Explaining things is not my strong point :stuck_out_tongue:

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