Isometric Autotile

Hello :slight_smile: Just wanted to share my set-up for Isometric Autotiling. I couldn’t really find a set-up when i looked so I figured that this could help someone :wink:

That is the basic design for it and these are how i have it setup in Tiled

And just like regular Non-Isometric Autotiles, you can setup animated Tiles as well, just put the setup on the same tile that’s marked with the little movie clip icon :slight_smile:

And here’s a couple looks at it in action

Hope this is helpful to some :slight_smile: and also hope this isnt a repeated Topic… i couldn’t quite find one, so i hope it’s not lol

Thanks, that will help people using the current version of Tiled!

For the next release, I’ve implemented support for setting the tileset to isometric and the terrain overlay will adjust accordingly (issue #419):

Also as you can see the editing of terrain information is now integrated into the new tileset editor view.

You can try it out by installing a development snapshot.