Isometric terrain

i enjoy the terrain feature very much, but somehow i struggle finding the right set up for a isometric map, i know i got it one running, but cant remember how i set up the terrain tiles, i am talking about isometric terrains using such a tileset:

this is what comes out with the setup in terrain editor… :frowning:


first: The tileset you linked in the first post does not support all transitions which the terrain tool requires (or I did not figure out the tileset correctly yet :)). However your tileset seems to work on first look.

So first look at this for how to find the terrain for one tile:

Now this is how I think your terrain should look like:

Note: You did not upload your real tileset file. So I was unable to test. But in theory it should work :smile:

So basically you did the first row right, but made some mistakes in the second row.


EDIT: I agree that this process should be probably made easier in the terrain editor by displaying isometric tile shapes there :smile:

yay, thank you, main problem was with the isometric tile setup for the whole map just “isometric” instead of "staggered"
its now working very smoothly painting the tiles works like charme, just some transitions are missing, but alll in all it works well

there is a very annoying behaviour in the tile terrain editor, when using the delete tool it deletes ALL definitions, instead of just the definition for the current active terrain (will post it as bugreport)

Ah, this was intentional but if it’s actually annoying we can of course change it. My reasoning was that it would be annoying if you have to search for the right terrain type just to delete some piece of terrain information.

it’s annoying for me :wink: perhaps make it an option

Perhaps a terrain preview would be in order? I’m not sure if it can be generalized or used with Tiled’s terrain system but this site about Wang Tiles uses relatively small (4x4) grids to showcase what seems to be all possible combinations of a 2-corner wang tileset. So maybe having such a tiny example map in a preview window in the terrain editor might be feasible?

Hmm, such a preview assumes there’s 2 terrain types involved, while Tiled supports up to 255 terrain types and up to 4 different ones per tile.

The most important thing here I think is to adjust the overlay rendering properly for isometric tiles. This is covered by the following issue on github:


I’m very sorry for such a newbie question. Unfortunately, I fail to find an answer myself, though I read all the tutorials on terrain tool including this wonderful topic. Feeling kind of dumb since I thought that I understand isometry :confused:

I’m basically trying to setup the terrain tool to work with my isometric tiles. Here’s my setup and the result that I get with it:

Could you please advice what I’m doing so horribly wrong that all shores are messed? The tiles themselves are tiling properly, I can paint any type of island with them manually.

Thank you very much for your help!


from your screenshot it looks like you use multiple layers? (otherwise I am not sure how this pieces of grass surrounded by water on a single tile could happen).

Anyway could you upload your tileset source file here? Then I can play with it this evening maybe. Making suggestions based on the screenshot and terrain definition is a bit hard…


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Yes, you’re correct, I made a background layer filled with uniform water. The grass was on the second layer. Though if to paint with water and grass on the same layer, I still have the same problem. Grass doesn’t paint shores at all, and water paints corrupted shores.
I uploaded my tileset to Dropbox, don’t have rights to upload it directly here:

Thank you very much for your help!

The issue is that you use the staggered isometric mode. There the coordinates resolve differently.

Checking the source code it looks like the terrain tool only checks the tiles +/- 1x and +/-1y from the current tile…

I am trying to wrap my head about how a possible hack would work to still have a working terrain definition for this kind of transformation… but I think it is impossible…

Going one tile down would mean going +2 in the y direction. But since you cannot “look” two tiles in front of you with the terrain tool… With the normal isometric mode (non staggered) it works since all neighboring tiles only have an offset of at most 1 in both x and y.

Sorry :frowning:

I added a comment to

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Ah: There already is a bug report open for this:

Thank you very much for the help anyway, at least I know now what is the problem!
I will just continue building the maps by manual placing of the correct tiles for now. Either way I need them for demonstration and testing purposes at this stage of development, so nothing super massive or extremely large and complicated.