Isometric Layering Offset issues


Im just wanting some clarification on something because I seem to always have this problem with isometric tiles. I followed the same kinda of setup as AdamCYounis in his Pixel Art Class - Isometric Tile Basics! - YouTube Video, and can confirm he doesn’t seem to have this issue.

My isometric Tileset (1st image) is 32x32

Now my map settings are as follows. (32x16)

In his video, when he makes the 1st layer it goes perfectly fine and so does mine
Howver its when I add the second layer is when I have issues

I’ve watched atleast 5 different youtube videos on isometric maps that have extensive layering and none of them have this ‘offset’ that i have (the 2 blocks on top of the ‘floor’) For them it lines up perfectly and for me it seems to not

-Made new tileset and map based off the same settings as adam in his video (still happends)
-Noticed this problem AFTER soemthing happened, even though i didn’t change the soruce material for the tileset,
-I used to use the parallax factor and set x to .5, however that only worked for a couple of my tiles.

Just wanted some explaination of whats happening if you need to ask for soruce material I am in the discord as Cecil

You should not be using parallax for isometric layers, that will only make a mess. Parallax makes the layers shift relative to each other as the camera moves, that’s generally not what you want for isometric layers.

The problem is that you’re mixing tiles of different heights. Your tiles are perfectly aligning I think, but because your base layer is half-height, they’re not reaching the base of the next tile up.
Layer drawing offsets can help here, but only if you don’t mix half-height and full-height tiles within a layer (except when there are no more tiles to sit on top of them).

How would you go about fixing the different heights issue? I had a feeling that making the tiles 32x32 were’t going to work, but I am confused on how this happens to me and others I see don’t see this issue.

EDIT I kinda figured it out, I have a 16x16 block that is used that kinda screws up with my alignment once i figured that out it was kinda easy to deal with. Ty,