Large PNG Images of multiple dimensions

Hi there,

         I have recently bought a few 2D graphic assets which looked really nice but later found that they are of varying size. The individual PNG file dimensions are 510x510, some are 250x310 and rest are almost the same size. 

I then consolidated them in a single PNG file but the tiles wont fit in the map properly. Is it that all the individual PNG images need to be of the same size ? What is the maximum limit for tile dimension ? I am not sure how to go about creating a map with these varying size PNG images. Can you help in this regard.

Much Thanks!

If you have all tiles on a single PNG file, they will currently need to be all the same size. The only way Tiled supports tiles of different sizes, is by either using multiple different tilesets or an Image Collection tileset, where each tile image is added separately.

There is no real limit on the tile dimensions, though the New Tileset dialog only supports entering up to 9999x9999 pixels.

I think you should contact the artist you bought these assets from regarding how to align them to each other.

For a non-technical solution, you try XnView’s batch image manipulation. You can run a ‘Canvas Size’ operation on selected PNGs with the maximum size of the images (for example, 510x510 is the largest). This makes everything at that size. There are other details when doing this, such as the alpha of PNGs, but once you get into XnView, I think the options is self-explanatory.