Tile size on layer properties

I’d suggest to allow tile size control on the properties of the layer, it would allow you to work with tiles of different sizes in one map, such as a main tile with 64x64 and a props tileset with 32x32.

Actually if you set the map to 64x64 when you use a 32x32 with it, it aligns each tile to the bottom left.

The idea looks better if you imagine making a ground and walls tileset with the size of 64x64 for bigger blocks in the map, and a 32x32 for smaller tileset for props such as small rocks, wall holes and this kind of stuffs

Hey @fmscorpion, welcome to the Tiled forum!

Your suggestion definitely makes sense, but it’s not easy to implement at this point with so much functionality assuming that all tile layers use the same tile size. See the discussion about this feature at:

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