Licensing for Selling a convertor

What would the Licensing be like for selling a TMX to ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 conversion tool?

You mean, if you wrote a TMX “converter” (importer/renderer) for ClickTeam Fusion? You could apply any license you want. I’m doing something similar.

TMX files are yours to license/sell, too. As long as you have the rights to the tileset images that is.

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Yes just to import it into ClickTeam Fusion 2.5.

Thank you for the fast reply. When I have it up would you be able to add the link to your website for anyone to get it?

You mean the TMX tools list? Sure that can be done. But it’s not my site, it’s @bjorn’s.

@bjorn the list used to be an editable github wiki page, is the new page still publicly editable somehow somewhere?

First of all, indeed you can choose any license you want. Tiled is free software, which also means it has no usage restrictions. And the TMX map format is an open format, with no conditions on implementing support for the format.

The list moved into the Tiled repository. I realize this makes it a little more complicated to contribute updates, but please don’t hesitate to just open a pull request if you have any updates.

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Thank you for the reply. It’s great to know these things for legal reasons. Love your software! Keep it up!