Tiled and PlayStore

Hi, i´m making a game with unity and i want to use tiled for my game that will be uploaded to Google Playstore and maybe in the future will have ads so it will be commercial . So can I use it with any problem ?Can you show me the lisence of Tiled?Thanks


The license can be found at:

That license however only applies to the Map Editor Software itself. Any
maps created by the tool are subject to your own copyright. So of course
you can build commercialy games with it (but if you make success, please
consider sponsoring Tiled ;)). The license mentioned above only
restricts the way how you can distribute copies or modifications of
Tiled itself.


Oh okay thanks but what do you mean with sponsoring?You mean credit tiled in the credits?

Well, you can support the project at https://www.patreon.com/bjorn. This is not required of course. But if you profit from the tool you might consider to give back a little :). In the end the tool will become even better and you profit from it again. But mentioning Tiled in the credits is awesome of course too (but it is not required too).

The licensing allows you to do whatever you like with the maps you create with Tiled.