Looking for a smart map-designer

Hey guys,

i just created my account in this forum :slight_smile:
So i’m looking for a person who wants to have some work, i got some ideas which i want anyone to become real. So if you’re interested in some work (like 5-10 hours at first) and your benefits, please do contact me here or in discord: rakehunt#0685

Thank you guys a lot :slight_smile:

So there’s still no reply until now.
Still looking for someone to do some work for me, please contact me for details (payment, etc.)

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this forum is mostly a place where people ask questions that I then answer. I love it when others write answers or discuss together, but it’s rare and I’m not sure how to encourage it.

So, it’s rare to find people here for content development projects, since any that may have signed up are long gone after they have asked whatever they needed to ask. Previous requests for mappers, artists or programmers have gone unanswered as well. :-/

I see…
Well does any1 know another place to find a mapper then?

I would suggest a game dev forum instead. Like TIGSource for example (https://forums.tigsource.com/). There are others as well of course, so a quick google might help you further.

Another thing I would do is add more information about the game itself. A little bit about the story, and how the map itself needs to look (orthogonal, side view, hexagonal, isometric, what kind of tileset(s) etc).

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You can contact me to check what you want done.