Maps are completely white when moving project to a different computer

Just a quick remark, and maybe a small cry for help. I built maps in Tiled, then imported them to unity using Tiled2Unity, and this was all done on a desktop. I tried moving the entire project folder, assets and all, to my laptop, but when I opened the project in unity, all the assets in the map where white.

Any help from someone who has had this problem before?

Figured it out. Desktop had a more recent version of unity. Updating Unity on the laptop to the same as the desktop fixed the problem. Unity 5.5 was being used on the laptop, and unity 5.6 was being used on the desktop. When I updated from Unity 5.5 to 5.6 on the laptop, the problem was fixed. Specifically Unity 5.6.0f3.

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@kickinitlegit Thanks for letting us know how you fixed the problem. Maybe you could let us know which versions of Unity were involved? @Seanba may want to add this information to the documentation of Tiled2Unity.

Good idea! Edited my solution to include versions used.

Was there any errors or warnings in the console window output? BTW, I would imagine that re-exporting your maps would have “fixed” it too but as a rule of thumb you want everyone (or every PC) using the same version of Unity while working on the same project. This is not just because of Tiled2Unity. Unity often makes important changes between versions.