Wrong tilesets used bug!?!?

Hello everyone I am making maps for my unity platformer game and basically I use 3 different tilesets winter tilesets , desert and forest tilesets.The problem happens when I export these maps to unity. It mixes all tilesets, I mean when there should be winter tilesets they are deasert, when there have to be desert they are forest and etc.I hope everyone understands what I am talking about and I would be very glad if you can help me with my problem. Thanks for the attention!

Are you using Tiled2Unity? In that case probably @Seanba can help you. It could help to provide some more details or if possible an archive with some files you’re using to reproduce the issue.

Yes I am using Tiled2Unity and I would be happy if he can help me!!

I’m happy to take a look when I find the time. You can find my email on www.seanba.com. Most times I only need the exported [YourMap].tiled2unity.xml file in order to debug.