Missing 'plus' button for creating Wang sets?

I haven’t used Tiled in a long time, so I was pleasantly surprised to see Wang tiles in the latest versions!

However, I can’t seem to actually create them. According to Using Wang Tiles there should be a plus button in wang sets that I can use to create one:

plus button

However, I see no such button in my UI:

I expected to see a plus button in the lower right corner.

This is on OS X 10.11.6 using Tiled version 1.1.4. This is a small window for this post’s sake—resizing it does not make a difference. This is also after creating a tileset.

Are my assumptions wrong somewhere? Or is this a legitimate bug?

What changed since Tiled 1.0 is that while you’re editing a map, you can’t edit a tileset. This is because there is a separate undo stack for each file, and tilesets are now stored outside of the map by default (though even embedded tilesets get their own undo stack). So to add a Wang set you will first need to click the small “Edit Tileset” button in the Tilesets view, and then activate the Wang Sets mode.

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Oh, awesome! I missed that button. Thanks, bjorn!

Also, thanks for making this awesome tool! I was great help some years ago while prototyping a game (that never came to be). This time I’m just playing around with it for fun.

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