Multiple Tilemaps in one Unity Scene

Hello, I’m working on a game using Tiled and SuperTiled2Unity to import the levels. I want to dynamically load the world around the player as they move.

In this case that would be loading maps from tiled. Does anyone have any good suggestions or can point to resources for achieving this? It does not seem like Tiled has functionality to make a world map and export small parts of it. The main issue I see happening is I need to know the offset for each tilemap of where it should load in the world. Keeping track of this information seems error prone as I would need to lay the maps out in Unity and calculate the offsets manually, which means anytime something changes, they need to be recalculated.

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

Tiled’s Worlds feature lets you place maps within a single shared world, which is a way to set “the offset for each tilemap of where it should load in the world”, as you wanted. Working with Worlds — Tiled 1.10.1 documentation

You make a World in Tiled, then you add your maps to it and position them using the World Tool in Tiled, and that data is stored in the world file.

I have no idea whether ST2U supports Worlds in any way, but the world file should be easy enough to process in your own code.

Thanks for the quick response and directing me to the world feature. I found this thread before posting and looked around on Github, but I thought it was still not implemented. I’ll check out Tiled Worlds.