Offset TileMap Problem

This maybe easy but I don’t quite understand it.

I have a tileset (this one: and the “center” tiles appear to be built into the center of the edge tiles to save image space. So I imported my tileset as 16x16 tiles so that I can select the center 4 of any of those tile styles and terrain them in. However, that just puts a 16x16 tile in the bottom left hand corner of each of 4 adjacent tiles.

The only solution I’ve found is to also set my map tile size to 16x16 so the map and tileset match.

Is there a correct way to load this tileset and access the tiles that offset from the standard 32x32 or do the map tiles need to be 16x16 also?

You’re pointing to an RPG Maker tileset, which relies on an RPG Maker-specific algorithm to render the terrain transitions. See the following issue for more information:

Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize different formats existed.