Orthogonal Trees on an Isometric Map

I’m wondering if it’s possible to place orthogonal trees on an isometric map.

When I import a tree graphic as a batch of images it becomes out okay-ish, the tree origin isn’t at the base of the tree stump which makes it look a bit wonky, and the game I’m developing is restricted only to using isometric tiles.

When importing the tree as a batch of sprites it looks like this:

To be fair- I’m not surprised by this and perhaps the problem is more converting orthogonal images to isometric tiles. I use Paint(dot)Net as my image software so I might browse their forum to see if anyone’s made anything like this, else I might try to make a plugin for it myself.

Still though, if any reader is familiar with how to convert orthogonal images to isometric tiles I’d really like to know, thanks.

The way to do this from Tiled’s perspective is to have your tree as a single tile. That way, it is rendered in one piece and placement is easy.

Since that generally means the tree tile is a different size that your other tiles, you’ll have to put it in its own tileset. If you have many such objects that are not all the same size, you can try using an image collection tileset. In addition, for complete control over where to place to trees, you can also place them as objects (on an object layer) instead of as tiles.