Plane to Plane Layer Switching Feature

I just thought of what’s not yet in Tiled, the ability to create levels that have plane switching in layers!

I’ve seen a few games that do it since Wario Land Virtual Boy, and the later games inspired by that amazing mechanic, such as Mutant Mudds, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, and AntonBlast.

Say, for example, someone tries to make a level for a platformer, but can’t seem to edit a background layer to allow the playable character to jump there and travel from there to apply the enemies, tilesets, collisions, etc., so a new function to convert said layer into a player traversable plane with all the usual works needed, or revert if not feeling it, and vice versa could be added to provide it.

If its feasible as a cool addition by an update, I’d really like to see it, or as its own custom-made extension. Whichever comes first.

As proof, here’s some videos to show you what I mean.

Risky’s Revenge Longplay(played via 3DS, Layer switching via jumping starts at mark 21:41) -

One of Mutant Mudds’ Trailers -

Virual Boy Wario Land Longplay -

AntonBlast Kickstarter Announcement Trailer -

Just imagine it. I’d think it’d be very cool to have.

No changes to Tiled are needed for this. These multiple layers would just be regular layers in Tiled, and the logic to change which layer(s) the player is traversing is in the game/engine. Custom properties may be used to tell the engine which layer(s) to use when.