Preset object library?

tiled is a very versatile and useful tool, what i miss or did not find yet is a “object library” in which pre-sets of tiles e.g. buildings that are made up of tiles can be stored, for example to store a market place or anything else

basically the tiled editor has it already by marking a space with right mouse button, but i have not found a method to store and reuse those objects, i thought the object layer was doing such but it seems the object layer has a completely different purpose

how can i store presets of tiles? if not wouldnt it be a nice feature?

If you want to remember a tile selection as temporary preset select it and hit Ctrl+1-9. This saves it in the slot of the corresponding number. Hitting 1-9 restores this saved preset then.

This however works during one editing session.

Is this what you were looking for?


yes, thank you, would be nice to store such presets in a separate list for a map :wink:

Hi @trifox,

Is this what you mean? (see the GitHub link in the description)

This feature is on the roadmap, you can vote on it here!

No, actually @trifox is talking about “objects” made from tiles.

I think he got pretty much exactly what he was looking for with the support for “persistent tile stamps” in the recent Tiled 0.13 release.

Oh ok, my bad. That makes sense!