Really Newbie Question


I’m making a really newbie game, and I’ve hit in a wall(Well, not a wall, but I want to)

Thing is, I want to put collision on a wall tile I’m doing, but the player just passes throught. I also hear about spawn tiles and I’m curious to use those myself, but I have no idea…

I’m using Corona SDK, and if requested I can share the game folder, but I would love some help!

A little more information about how you’re trying to do things could be helpful.

I never heard about “spawn tiles”, but I’m curious what they are now too.

@ponywolf is a Corona SDK expert, so hopefully he can help you on the right path.

Spawn tiles, are usually used to mark a tile as a spawn tile, but this can be done with a simple property associated with the tile or map location.

Each SDK has some way to implement collision, so it either supports an extra layer, or property to determine collision. Check the SDK documentation to see what it supports.

If there is no support for collision, you can roll your own, using any of the ideas mentioned above (collision layer or a tile property).

In Tiled documentation, there is a link to some tutorial videos.
One of the videos has a simple example of what a collision layer is.
Basically, for a simple implementation, whenever there is something on that layer, you can’t go there.

If you need several types of terrain or collision types, like hearth, water, swamp, wall, door etc, you can check what is set on each location on that specific layer, and act accordingly.

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