Resizable tiles in object layer

It would be very useful to be able to resize tiles in an object layer

As tiles can’t have custom properties most of my levels are mostly in the object layer

The ability to have a tile-able image would be fantastic

for example suppose I have a square gantry section, for a floor ceiling etc having 20+ tiles with 20 physics objects attached is a bit wasteful…

However if I could add a tile on to the object layer (as I can now) BUT with the ability to either stretch or repeat I could then add my custom script and other properties and then attach a single physics object to the ceiling object when its loaded…

A very useful suggestion and one that is partly addressed by the following pull request:

It does not do “repeat” instead of “stretch”, but it is something that I agree could be very useful to add.

Is this actually in a dev branch or something, I could take a look, adding tiling should just be a case of scaling UV coords… (famous last words?)

It’s a dev branch of “mauvecow”.

Tiled uses QPainter for its rendering currently. The tiling is definitely not hard to implement, but it may not look like scaling UV coordinates.

Note that even if Tiled was using OpenGL rendering, scaling of UV coordinates would only be possible when each tile sat in its own texture, which is not generally the case. So you’d either need to make sure this is the case, or build up a mesh to do the tiling.

hehe If you can do repeating texture from a texture atlas let me know how you manage it!

you can do it with a bunch of extra verts but its not too efficient, and generally you can just throw a bunch of small images at even mobile GPU’s and just expect it to get on with it…

I’ve has a quick look at the code, but its going to take me a while to get my head around it, its quite extensive…