Reversed tiles, what could be going on?


As you can see, the tiles of this sign are backwards! I have no idea why. I use the same sign tiles in other maps and they appear the right way around, from the same tileset. I looked at the tmx and the numbers of the tiles are the same as on the maps with the correct looking sign. I’ve tried erasing that tile layer and redoing and it’s the same. I’ve redone it on a different layer and it’s the same. I have not tried redrawing the whole map because that seems like overkill. Any ideas for a fix?

Hmm, what you’re writing should essentially be impossible. Could you maybe provide your data files (in PM if you don’t want to share it publicly)? I have no idea what’s going on if you say those tiles end up reversed even when redoing the layer.

Which files do you want to look at? I’ll PM you with them.

Best would be all files needed to reproduce the issue, so it’s the map, the tileset (if external) and the tileset image.

Alright, it seems that the issue was with my poorly organized content management in Monogame, rather than with Tiled. Thanks for all the help!

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