Save only marked area in Tiled

is there a way to save only the marked area in tiled.
For example im having a 64x64 map in tiled and i mark an area of 16x16 tiles in this map. Is there a way to say only this marked part of the map as tmx or other formats?

best regards

You can’t directly do this, but what you can do, is to select the area you want to save, and then to choose Map -> Crop to Selection, save the result and then undo the crop.

It sounds like you want to save your map in multiple pieces, and if so the above method will quickly become tedious. In that case you may want to consider implementing this functionality in a scripting language, for example in Python using the tmx library.

ty for the answer.

i think i will write a parser in java for jason files. if im done i will post it here for download.