Secondary Grid?

Hi all,

I’m trying to find a way to place tiles in relation to room size.
Essentially, I’m using 16x16 tiles, and I want to see the boundaries of my 400x240 room, as when the player reaches a side, the view will move along with it (think Zelda).

Is there any way to do this cleanly?

You could create a layer filled with blocks of solid-coloured tiles alternating with blocks of no tiles in a checkerboard pattern of “rooms”. You could set the layer to a low opacity so it doesn’t get in the way. With 16x16 tiles, a 400x240 room would be 25x15 tiles, so you can just fill a space that big with your tiles.

Visual example of what I mean, here built out of a bunch of orange tiles:

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Ah, I thought thatd be the case. Cheers

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