Limiting placement to larger grid

Does Tiled support Meta tiles in any way? My game is made up of 8x8 pixel sprites, but they are placed in 16x16 (pixels) chunks (2x2 sprites). You might be familiar with similar techniques on systems like the NES.

I would like Tiled to enforce that a user only places 2x2 tiles in in 16x16 chunks, such that they never start a new meta-tile on an “odd” tile (top left of the tile should always be a multiple of 2).

Alternatively, having a secondary grid to show 2x2 tiles (see: orange ?) would probably suffice.


Neither of these is possible currently as far as I’m aware. You could perhaps create AutoMap rules that override any metatiles that start in the wrong location. (Plus, metatiles need not necessarily be confined to the larger grid xP)

If you just want a grid to help you align the tiles, make a low-opacity layer above or below your real layers that has a 2x2 checkerboard pattern using solid-coloured tiles (or some tile from your tileset that’s close enough).

That is what I have being doing but it’s pretty annoying and error prone. :face_vomiting:

Right, this is not a feature of Tiled right now. While it has come up every one in a while, I have to admit that the use-case is so rare that it hasn’t become a priority for me. That said I am not opposed to supporting this in some form and I am available for any questions if you want to look into adding it.

There’s also the following issue open about this: