Set hotspot in Collider Editor

Right now there is a option for fine snapping in the editor, which gives you 5 points per side. This is good for 2 factor snapping when creating slopes, tiles in combination of 2, 4 slopes. I have an issue where I wish to connect a set of 3 tiles at a slope, given the 2 factor snapping, these slopes never really line up right. I would like to see an option for factors of 3 as well. Or just let the user define the number of snapping points per side. This way they can make any combination of tile with the proper slope.

(PS this is slightly different than the other topic on integer snapping)

You can configure the number of fine grid divisions under Edit > Preferences. Does that do what you need?

I’m a little confused by your topic about setting a hotspot.

this is exactly what I needed, when i searched the docs for this feature, I must have used bad search terms. this is perfection!

Glad it helped!

Improving the docs (or writing docs at all) is somewhere on my TODO list. :slight_smile: