Snap to integer values

Just like snap to grid, would be great (especially for collision editor) to have a integer (pixel) snap. If there’s already a way to do it, please tell me since I miss this feature.

I think a nice solution would maybe be to rename the “fine grid” to a “custom grid” and allow to freely set the grid size on it?


That option would be great. BTW, what is fine grid snap?

I think it’s a good suggestion and I’ve already heard from other people who wanted to align the positions to pixels as well. It was somewhat to be expected since the floating point values are new since Tiled 0.10. Previously the values were always rounded to pixels.

For now, you can actually use the “Snap to Fine Grid” option for this, as long as you are using square grid cells. Just set the fine grid division count (in the Preferences) equal to the pixel dimensions of your grid cells.

@Ablu Making the grid more freely customizable would of course solve the problem as well. Though I was thinking some people would simply want to apply pixel aligning more explicitly and independently of their custom grid.


still a good suggestion to implement !

Snap to Pixels has been a feature since 2016. Please check the program for a feature before resurrecting ancient threads xP


Sorry :grimacing: