Type-in collision coordinates / better snapping?

Hello everyone!

I realised it’s a little bit difficult to edit collider coordinates in the editor. It’s fine for squares and other rectangular shapes, but I miss the possibility to snap the points to pixels for example. I am creating an oldschool platformer in Unity and I found it difficult to edit the slopes’ colliders precisely. Basically I will have normal flat floors, 2:1 ratio slopes (2 tiles wide, 1 tile high), and 1:1 ratio (45 degrees) slopes.

The only way to fix it to edit the xml file manually, Yes, it works fine, but is there any solution to do this in the editor? Simple pixel snapping would do the job, I am working with 8x8 tiles for an NES style game. I only can snap to the corners by pressing control, it’s helpful, but not enough.

While there is no specific option to do pixel snapping, there is “fine grid” snapping that can be used for this purpose. You’d just need to set your fine grid to the number of pixels of your tiles, and enable snapping to the fine grid in the View menu.

Manually entering at least positions and sizes of rectangles will also become possible once the Properties widget is added to the Tile Collision Editor. This is done in the following pull request: