Setting up Tiled : Non Programmer

I’m a Graphic Designer looking to use Tiled for an art project, but having trouble with the documentation. I am attempting to download the Mac version of Tiled and having problems understanding the programmer lingo / jargon of the documentation.

I have completed the first part of compiling (downloading Homebrew through “Terminal”:


Make sure the Qt (>= 5.2) development libraries are installed:

* In Mac OS X with Homebrew:
_ + brew install qt5_
_ + brew link qt5 --force_

I am having trouble, as my command prompt within Terminal is not accepting these commands:

Now you can compile by running:
$ qmake (or qmake-qt5 on some systems)
_ $ make_

You can now simply run Tiled using bin/tiled.

Can you please help guide me through the Compiling and Install process? I would imagine describing this in more detail (providing screen captures or more detailed directions) would be beneficial for other designers or art minded individuals who don’t come from a background in programming.

Thank you! Looking forward to creating amazing worlds with Tiled and donating.

First of all, why did you not download the OS X release available on The instructions you’re quoting are from the source code repository, which is mainly useful for developers.

In addition to stating which commands are not working, you need to show their output, otherwise I have no idea what your problem could be. If you have already solved your problem, then sharing your solution could help me improve the documentation.[quote=“bjorn, post:2, topic:1844”]
Thank you! Looking forward to creating amazing worlds with Tiled and donating.

You’re welcome and thanks!