"Unable to create/open" when trying to Execute Command on OSX

Hi there. A Tiled2Unity user is trying to follow my instructions to run Tiled2Unity from a command in Tiled using OSX Yosemite.

I see in the Tiled source that on the Mac this is handled by running a tiledXXXXXX.command file – and that Tiled is unable to open that file on this user’s machine – perhaps due to not having write permission to the folder that file would get written to?

Is this something you’ve seen before and have a suggested fix? Perhaps by making sure the current working directory is something that can be written to?


That could very well be. We could try to use QDir::tempPath() in the temporary file template, to make sure the file gets created in a writable location.

Note that all this magic is only done when you use “Run in Terminal”. Maybe he does not need to run it in a terminal and could just run it normally?

I’ve just reproduced and fixed the issue!


Thanks a ton. I’ve passed the word along and pointed my user to the daily build with the fix.


I got it to work now. Thanks so much for helping out! :slightly_smiling: