How to install Tiled on Mac?

I just discover Tiled yesterday And I would like to try it.
I use Corona SDK

Download the latest version … tiled-2015-05-06.dmg06-May-2015 14:06 13M
I open a window on my Mac desktop
inside I see an “Application” folder, “Example” folder, tiled Icon, README…

Now what do I do to install the program and use it?

I drag the Tiled Icon to the “Application” folder – it did not work

thanks for your help

Hmm, that is the approach that is supposed to work. I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue.

Note though that Tiled should run without installing as well, when using the context menu on the icon. Does Tiled run fine when using this method?

Thanks for answering. It was something with the Security, because was from a strange developer…
but I got it.

Now where can I find, tutorials to start using it. I want to create a simple map for my new game

Right, that would be me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I’m strange because I didn’t pay Apple to get into their developers program…

I’m afraid I never really get around to writing that kind of stuff, so for tutorials you’ll have to rely on 3rd party articles that can generally be found with your favourite search engine. Here’s some:

When funding more time through Patreon is succesful, I will surely also get around to documentation and tutorials!


Developer membership with Apple is free. You only need to pay to release apps on iOS or the Mac App Store.

You should really sign up at and use the developer id to code sign it using the instructions at

It seems to me that getting a developer ID means joining either the iOS Developer Program or the Mac Developer Program, and they cost $99/year. If you know a way to get a developer ID without joining this program please provide a link.

Eventually I will consider just paying for the program, but I first want to make sure that publishing Tiled on the App Store would be an option. Unfortunately this will probably be a bit of a chicken and egg problem. Does that not let you sign up for free? Purchasing a developer license should be separate. I have often let my iOS license lapse but still have full access to the SDK and documentation from the developer site.

Ah, the “Become a member” link first took me to, which did not mention this option. Only after clicking the link at the bottom “Compare Developer Programs”, which takes you to and then scrolling to the bottom, does the option to register as an Apple Developer for free become visible…

Of course after logging in, it told me “You are already registered as an Apple Developer”, probably so I could download Xcode…

Unfortunately, at the moment the Member Center gives me the following on most pages:

We are unable to process your request.

Please go back to the previous page, or quit your browser and try your request again.

If you require assistance, please contact Apple Developer Support.

I’ll try again later.

@bjorn If you have an account, in Xcode you can add an account using preferences or project settings. Then select this account when selecting to use Developer ID under code signing in the general pane.

Hmm, it seems to me that you can only get those signing identities when you join either of those programs…

Also there is no account selection in the General pane:

I wonder if that is a recent change. I am not in the Mac Developer program but I can still code sign my Mac binaries, but I set up my cert and such a long time ago.

I believe you have to be a paid member to become eligible for code signing. The whole idea behind payment is so that only registered developers with valid credentials can sign apps, all others’ apps are considered potentially unsafe because Apple could not easily identify the developer nor revoke his/her code signing license.

Oh well, something to consider for later then.

So it doesn’t currently work on Mac then, I take it?
(Not working for me on Catalina 10.15.7 due to Apple’s onerous ‘security’ nonsense)

As far as I know, since Tiled is not compiled for M1 architecture yet, you should be still able to bypass the security even on Catalina. It might need a second attempt to launch it through the context menu.

I’ll be looking into doing a signed and notarized build, but can’t say when I get that to work yet.

Got it, Bjorn. Thanks for the steer