Several bugs since working with 32x32 and latest version

I am somewhere between crying and raging right now. I use Tiled for several years, but what’s happening since I went from 16x16 to 32x32 tiles is just horrible. It started when I downloaded the latest version because I thought I could get rid of those “Mimimimi, we can’t load the map you have sat a couple days on just because you have moved a tileset and don’t know where it was before”. Of course already that was an illusion. I went on and started to do my first maps and I was shocked at the problems that appeared:

  1. I can’t drag just a few tilesets and insert them all in once. And yes, I drag them to the tilesets dialog. Now I have to load every tileset by itself what brigs me already to my next point:
  2. Half of my tilesets aren’t working with Tiled anymore. Tiled just continues telling me it couldnt load them.
    THEY DID WORK BEFORE. The tileset is about 450KB. I have inserted tilesets that are about 800KB and they work.
  3. Tiled tells me it can’t save my maps. Now this one is probably the most cruel. I opened a map, added a few details as bikes and flowers and now it tells me the graphic would be too big!
    This is just bullshit. I had already 150x150 maps before and have seen people who did a whole region in one file. So why does it tell me this? I’m only glad I can screen my maps, but it is nerving when I’m doing the overlays. I mean it tells me the same thing THERE http :// (At least now I see there’s a mistake anyway lol). This one’s so simple …

I’m really looking forward to your reply!
Best regards,

First of all, what was the last version you’ve used that worked fine for you?

I can’t reproduce this issue. When you drag a tileset image on the Tilesets view, the ‘New Tileset’ dialog should pop up once per file. What happens on your side?

That is indeed very strange. Are you using a 32-bit of 64-bit version of Tiled? Does it matter regarding this problem? Since you say only half of them aren’t working anymore, could you share a non-working one so I could test it?

Hmm, again this is very strange because that image is definitely not too big. Yet, apparently Qt didn’t manage to create an image of that size with Format_ARGB32_Premultiplied. Again I wonder if this may be only broken in the 64-bit version in which case you could try the 32-bit version. I’ll have to try to reproduce this myself as well.

Btw, that’s a really nice looking map! :+1: