Can't load tilesets


I have a problem with Tiled. Every time I try to load a tileset to a map, program throws an error “Can’t load tileset”. It happens no matter what tileset I’m trying to load. Loading single tiles works fine.

In my .png file tile size is 16px with no spaces or margins.

Please help, I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.


Hmm, can you share some more details? Like what operating system are you on? What version(s) of Tiled did you try?

Can you share the files that you’re having problems with?


Operating system I’m working on is Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit. Tiled version I’m using is 0.17.2. Here is the tileset I’m trying to upload.

Thanks for help!

Hmm, does it matter if the tileset is in png or jpg format?

I tried to reproduce the problem with Tiled 0.18 on Linux 64-bit, but I could use the tileset just fine.

It didn’t matter. However I’ve reinstalled Windows and everything works just fine.

Bjorn, thank you for help and keep up the good work! Tiled is a great tool :slight_smile:

Nice to hear, Tomasz! Too bad we’ll probably never know what the problem was then. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! I try to keep improving it, though I’m struggling a bit due to the way it has grown. Hence it’s important that I get to 1.0, after which some cleanup is probably in order.