Tiled.exe stops working

Tiled stops working everytime i try to open a tileset or save it with tiled.
Its really annoying cause I can import the tileset by dragging it from the folder but cant open it with the software and can’t save it in any way, cause It crashes after a milisecond.


can you post more information about your Tiled version, operating system and upload the relevant tileset (and if required also the map)?


Ok. Apparently I am unable to reproduce this on Linux here…

I dont know why but the 32 bit version is working correctly even though my pc is 64bit version, sorry for wasting your time and thanks for trying to help

It may be a problem with the architecture of shipped MSVC DLLs, which was fixed with the Tiled 0.18.1 release. However, due to a change in the installer only clean installs work properly (previous versions need to be manually uninstalled first). So you could try to uninstall all versions of Tiled and then re-installing Tiled 0.18.1 64-bit, to see if that also fixes your problem.